Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Someone is looking out for me

As a college student, I tend to get caught up in the details of my life. Homework assignments, papers to write, social engagements, club meetings, classes, scholarships, applications, more classes, rehearsals, going to the gym and finding time to eat meals, all consume so much of my time. This can feel awfully overwhelming, but on a morning when I felt particularly stressed, the universe left this message in my inbox:

The real reason your brain is so large, Jasmine, compared to most of the other blessed creatures dwelling in time and space, is so that you can vividly imagine all the exquisite, exciting, and enthralling details of your heart's desires; not so that you can figure out who you need to meet, when you need to meet them, where you need to be, or how you're going to pull it all together. 

Your brain's not nearly that big. 

But mine is, 
    The Universe

p.s. Actually, that's just one of the reasons, Jasmine. Some of the other reasons are so that you can take notice of the miracles in your life, feel the joy when you visualize, and, of course, so that you can laugh at yourself whenever you temporarily forget these things. Ha ha.

Its nice to know the Universe is looking out for me.

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  1. How cute Jasmine! Enjoy these days. College Days were some of the funnest times of my life. Always happy to know that someone is watching over us!