Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jasmine's journey to Vietnam

I am so excited to be writing from the other side of the world! If I had a globe I could put my finger on my home town (Manchester, NH!) and a finger on Vietnam, and be able to split the globe in half by the line formed by my fingers. In other words, I’m pretty far away from home.
Home is a small city in NH, where my family has lived the last 18 years. We didn’t always live there though: I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and have moved seven times throughout my life not including college. Thats 3 houses, 2 condos, and 3 apartments. My family consists of my two parents, me, an older brother, and a younger brother. Currently we have two cats, a guinea pig and a rabbit. 
I’ll be spending from September to December in Vietnam. I’m starting my journey in Ho Chi Mihn City, where I will spend the next three weeks. After that, I’ll be traveling to northern Vietnam and spending 10 weeks in Hanoi. I’ll also be taking some excursions into surrounding areas, and spending a week in the central district.

I am a Gilman International Scholarship recipient which means I have been awarded monetary support in order to reach my potential as a world traveller! The Gilman program helps many college students like me all study or intern all over the world. I am so grateful to this program because I would not have been able to come to Vietnam without it. 

In addition to going to Vietnam, I’ve also had other opportunities to travel! I am a dual citizen with the United States and Australia, so my family and I visited Australia when I was 14. I went to London in Great Britain for three weeks to study theater with fourteen other students from my school. Three years ago I went to Cape Town, South Africa to volunteer as an HIV/AIDS educator. Most recently, I went to Mexico on vacation with my fiancĂ© and his family. I really love traveling and hope to have more opportunities to do so throughout my life! 

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