Monday, February 27, 2012

Return of the Blogger

I decided to start blogging again. Me and blogging, have had one of those on again off again relationships. This time I think I'm ready for something a bit more serious.
I was one of the those overindulgent bloggers in middle school. You know, the ones who posted thousands of pictures of me and my best friends at the mall, and felt the need to tell the entire world about all the super OMG overdramatic details of my WHOLE life. I was also an HTML pro but somehow I've managed to forget everything I used to know about that.

Then post high school, on a warm sunny day I decided to try round 2 of the blogger world. It kinda worked for a little while, but then the chaos of college life took off. But blogging was always a source of catharsis that I seem to be lacking right now. So I thought why not try this again!

My mom, whom I love dearly, happens to be an avid blogger, and her blogs are another reason I thought I'd create a new one for myself.

Mom's blogs:

This blog is going to be about life, creativity, happiness, and so forth and so on.
I'll certainly post some DIY craft articles and promote my etsy site.

Heres to many great blogging adventures to come!

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