Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mother Dearest

"To live a happy life, you have to start by apprieciating and being grateful for it" ~Cheryl Roth 
"There is no failure, only feedback and learning" ~Cheryl Roth 

These are quotes from my mom, whose wisdom is always a guidepost in my life.

My Mom's birthday was on wednesday, and I've spent every day this week trying to write a post to honor her for her birthday. Its so difficult to sum up in one quick post how much my mother means to me. Whether or not she was my mom, I would find this woman to be extremely inspiring! I admire the way she deeply looks at the world and her heart of compassion towards others. I am grateful for the way she's loved me unconditionally, sacrificed for our family, and lived a life of service to God. I love the way she listens when I cry, laughs at my jokes, and shares in my joys.

Having Tea with Mom 
A mother's love is truly incredible. I hope one day to be a mother myself, but for now I strive to be the best daughter I can be for this truly remarkable Mom.

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  1. Oh, you made me cry. My children are my inspiration, my heartbeat, the most precious gift from God. Thank you for being the best daughter any mom could have:)