Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break

I writing this post as a lounge on a blanket of hot sand in the Caribbean...

Ok just kidding...

I'm really spending my spring break backpacking through Europe....

Ok just kidding again.

I'm actually sitting in my room at my house (which I haven't been back to since Christmas). Maybe this is slightly less exciting than warm beaches and trips to Europe, but honestly its really great to just be home.

This is actually something I rarely do. I love adventures and exploring new places. I love traveling and being independent. But sometimes I just  need the peace and quiet of my own backyard. The simplicity of cuddling on the couch with Mom, or the tranquility of sleeping in my own bed.

Although, lets be honest, that could get boring pretty quickly... UNLESS I keep myself busy.

So here is my spring break to do list:
--Give my mom a fantastic birthday
--Fix my sewing machine
--Star gaze at least once
--Buy a tea cup that matches my tea pot
--Spice up my spring wardrobe
--Read a book! preferably in the sunshine :)
--Spend time with friends
--Play a board game with my brothers
--Apply to scholarships for school

That should probably give me enough to do, but I'm sure I'll find more and more ways of entertaining myself.

It can be just as easy to enjoy life whether at home or on some fancy vacation. We create our own fun, our own adventures. Theres always something to do no matter where you are.

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